Caseworker Referral – Family Shopping Furniture Appointment

Restoring Dignity and The Furniture Project co-run an 18,000 square foot furniture bank, that serves Omaha families in need of home items. Restoring Dignity runs a program through this furniture bank called “Family Shopping,” in which we allow families who came to America with refugee status, the opportunity to come and pick out home items at no cost. We have no time limit for how long a family has been in America. As long as they initially came with refugee status, they qualify for our services.

In order for families to shop, they need to be referred by a caseworker who is aware of their situation and their home needs. This program exists to support former refugee families in a variety of different situations:

  • Families who lack the means to furnish their homes
  • Families who lost most/all belongings due to a bed bug or other infestation
  • Families who lost their items due to a house fire, flood or other unforeseen situation
  • Families who were resettled recently, but are in need of additional items
  • Any family who has people sleeping on the floor due to a lack of mattresses
  • Families fleeing situations of domestic violence and/or victims of violent crime
  • Families leaving homelessness

Caseworkers can sign up families for a one-hour shopping appointment via the calendar below. There is a tremendous need for furniture in our community, and at times it can take months to get an appointment. If there is a significant emergency and a family is in need of home items urgently, please email us at: and explain the situation. For true emergency situations, we will do everything we can to get the family into a shopping appointment as quickly as possible. For non-refugee clients, please contact The Furniture Project for furniture assistance.

**Case Worker Only** Online Family Shopping Appointment Sign-Up

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