Host a Cleaning Supply Drive!

One of the best ways to support Restoring Dignity’s cleaning program is to host a cleaning supply drive! Classrooms, congregations, workplaces, neighborhood groups and organizations are all great places where “many hands make light work.” Putting together 30 or 50 cleaning kits might be a huge undertaking for one person, but for 20, 30 or more people, it’s fun and easy to do!

There are different types of items to collect for a supply drive. Here some visuals (below them is a written list):

Written List:

Cleaning Chemicals

  • Lysol Hydrogen Peroxide Multipurpose Cleaner
  • Comet bathroom cleaner (regular or scented is fine)
  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner (Clorox or any brand at Walmart, including generic)
  • Simple Green
  • Windex (or generic Walmart glass cleaner)
  • Greased Lightning Stove Cleaner
Cleaning Supplies
  • Tupperware (any brand, any type)
  • Magic Erasers (regular or Walmart generic)
  • Scotch-brite or similar scouring pads
  • Wash rags (any brand, can be non-Walmart)
  • Swiffer or generic swiffer like mop (any brand)
  • Swiffer or generic brand, mop refills
  • Hand soap (any brand, Softsoap seems to be the most economical)
  • Metal scouring pads
  • SOS steel wool pads (or other brand found at Walmart)
  • Gloves (reusable, any brand)
  • Gloves (non-latex, non-reusable)
  • Face mask
  • Paper towels
  • Toilet brush

Many of the families we work with shop at Walmart, so please only buy generic supplies that can be found at Walmart (so families can find them when they need to rebuy them).

If you have questions about hosting a cleaning drive, reach out to us: