We are looking to raise $3,033.18 to buy heavy duty shelving for our storage facility!

After our previous storage space flooded at the end of September 2019, we moved to our new location, which we love! Unfortunately, the warehouse shelving we had at our previous space did not belong to us (the owner of the building graciously let us use it while we were there). Since moving, we have had to start from square one, and we are quickly running into organizational issues as we accept more and more donations every Tuesday evening.

The picture above was taken this week.

It shows many of the amazing donated items we have received… but without shelving, we cannot organize things in a very efficient manner. We want the families who come and pick up items to have a dignified experience. Right now, families have to look through boxes and totes, and at times it can become overwhelming. With proper shelving, we will be able to get our storage space in great shape, which will lead to a better experience for the families we serve!

We have four large storage units (all next to each other) and we need shelving for each unit. We looked around and found a local company that can deliver and put together the shelving for $3,033.18.

Help us reach our goal!

If you donate $20 or more, we will have your name hand-painted on the outside of the shelves!

$5,863 of $3,033 raised
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