We provide a wide variety of supportive services to families who came to America with refugee status:

Our Cleaning Education Program is a first of it’s kind! We teach one-on-one in-home classes, in the language of the family, and explain how to use Western products to keep a home clean.

Any family who came to America with refugee status can visit our Community Donation Center and pick out items for their home at no cost. We accept furniture and household item donations from the public and have regular scheduled donation drop-off hours.

Restoring Dignity started with a home-makeover for one family and has since completed these transformations for dozens of families.

Every summer, we accept donations of window air conditioning units, and then install them in the homes of families without any means of cooling their homes.

We believe safe and healthy housing is a human right. Families come to us for help involving communication with their landlord, getting repairs made, and resolving move-out charge disputes.

When crisis hits, our team is able to respond quickly and efficiently.

Coming soon: Home Owners Maintenance Education Program

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