Sew Cloth Masks for Refugee Families!

We are collecting home-made cloth masks to distribute to the refugee community. Ever since the Covid-19/Coronavirus pandemic changed life as we know it here in Omaha, we have been regularly calling the families we have worked with, both past and present. During our calls, we have been educating families about the virus and how to prevent the spread. In addition, we have been checking in to see how people are doing and to identify the greatest needs. Hands down, the largest need expressed has been masks. Most of the families we work with have at least one person in the household who works at a meat-packing plant. Oftentimes, four or five workers will carpool, and without masks, there is limited protection during the drive.

As many of you have probably experienced, it is next to impossible to find masks in the store.

We are in need of between 800-1,200 masks to distribute to the families we work with.

Thanks to your help, we crushed our goal! We have mailed out over 13,000 masks and keep mailing out more every day. The need is great! Help us continue to mail out masks to our incredible refugee community! 

We are looking for volunteers to sew masks that we can then give to refugee families across Omaha.

Once you have sewn masks, you can schedule a time for us to do a doorstep pick-up.

To mail masks to us:

Restoring Dignity

8000 Chicago Street

Omaha, NE, 68114


Thank you for all of your support!