Restoring Dignity #30

Sunday, September 30th, 2018

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Their Story

Six years ago, a young Karen couple was resettled to the United States after living in a refugee camp in Thailand for eleven years. They were originally placed in North Carolina but ended up moving to Omaha to be closer to the large Karen community and better work opportunities. Shortly after arriving in America, their beautiful baby boy was born, making this family grow from two to three. Life was looking up for the couple and by 2016 they were able to save a small sum that they used to buy a house. This huge accomplishment soon turned sour as the father of the family was introduced to drugs by some local Americans that he knew. Not understanding the drugs available in the USA, the father was offered methamphetamine and he tried it. An addiction to meth quickly followed, and with that addiction came an inability to hold a job and violent behaviors that severely endangered his whole family. In the summer of 2018, things spiraled so out of control that he was removed from his home and his wife was forced to have a protection order placed against him. Heartbroken and grieving, this mother understood that she would have to hold her family up with her own two hands, so she gained full-time employment and has successfully paid all of the bills and the mortgage each month by herself, on top of raising a five-year-old little boy and being six months pregnant. She prays every day that her husband will seek help and turn back to the man he used to be, but she is also very practical and knows that it will most likely just be her supporting her family from this point on. As her December due date approaches, she is worried as to how she will pay her bills while she is on maternity leave. Restoring Dignity found out about her situation and decided to take action by providing her with many household items that she needs as well as providing home repairs. Join us on Sunday, September 30th, 2018 as we strive to bring hope to this household.


The Restoring Dignity storage facility will be accepting donation drop-offs on the following dates and times:

Drop-off times:

Saturday, September 15th, 2018  10am-12pm

Saturday, September 22nd, 2018  10am-12pm

**Please note that there will not be any donation pickups for this project. If you are bringing large items, you can drop them off at the location mentioned above, or you can bring them the day of the project.**

If you have a large donation and need to drop off items at a different time, please call/text/email Hannah Wyble:

(402) 305-8139