Restoring Dignity is composed of passionate and dedicated humans who are committed to bringing lasting change and hope to local refugees. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit located in Omaha, Nebraska, who actively advocate for the human dignity of our refugee population by providing critical resources that both relieve suffering and enable resettled families to thrive in their new environments. Everything that we do stems from our belief that someone needs to see the needs of refugees in our community and then something needs to be done. Restoring Dignity began in July 2012, after the tragic death of a young South Sudanese refugee woman spurred community members to begin providing resources to refugee families. What began as a one-time event to help her family soon turned into an organization that has grown exponentially over the past 11 years. To date, Restoring Dignity has served tens of thousands of refugees in the Omaha, Nebraska area, by providing them with in-home education and much-needed household items. Our specialty is bringing the community of Omaha together to serve the needs of the many refugee families who now call Omaha home.

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  1. I am so impressed and so appreciative of your hard work for the refugee families at the 24 and Lake apartments. Thank you for helping them. Please contact me regarding future volunteer opportunities.

  2. Thank you for helping those families! I have donations if you need furniture. Baby crib with mattress and some other furniture coming soon. Please don’t hesitate to reach out or add me to your mail list!

    1. Hi Katie, thank you for your comment and for being willing to donate items! The way that we are asking people to help, is to get together with a church group/workplace/organization/neighborhood group and “sponsor” a family.
      All the details about sponsorship are on our website. Right now 17 churches/organizations have signed up to be sponsors and we need 80 more.
      Thank you!

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