Feel free to reach out to us at anytime!

Email: info@rdomaha.org

Phone: 402-370-9777

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  1. Hannah, if the bathroom items are still needed for La Day, I would be happy to provide them. Unfortunately, I can’t work that day, but I would like to support her and her family.

    1. Yes the bathroom items are still needed. Let me know which ones specifically you would like to take care of, and I will update the list. Thank you so much for helping!!!

  2. Hannah I have a Ford Ranger pickup and can help with moving items if you need. I also have a shower curtain and decorations for the bathroom. Lighthouse theme

  3. Am looking for masks and thermometer for family with kids and grandchildren trying to isolate with positive individual in the household. They don’t have email and speak Karen.

  4. We will be moving in approx 30 days. Do you take large heavy furniture items like a dining room hutch, sleeper sofa, bedroom set etc?

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