Help Needed for Refugee Family of 10

Help Needed for Refugee Family of 10

Restoring Dignity was made aware of the needs of a local Omaha refugee family of 10 that is struggling to obtain household items and are struggling to do things such as: assemble a donated bunk bed and hook up the dryer so they can use it. We are looking for help in obtaining some items to help make life easier for them. We are also looking for a handy person who can help them build their bunk bed and install their dryer.

The family needs the following:

  • Large microwave
  • Large rice cooker
  • TV
  • DVD player
  • Computer/laptop for children to do homework
  • Diapers size 3
  • Diapers size 4
  • Diapers size 5
  • Diaper wipes
  • Need someone to help them put their bunk bed together
  • Need someone to help them install their dryer

If you can help with these needs, please sign-up here!

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